Referring Agency Information


Second Chances accepts male residents aged 12-18 within the state of Minnesota, court ordered thru the Dept. of Corrections or Human Services. We also accept residents for 72 hour holds. We assist boys with issues such as: Oppositional Defiant Disorder, substance abuse, Conduct Disorder, disciplinary problems, learning difficulties (eg: adhd), theft,
or victims of abuse (this is not an all inclusive list)
The main goal of each resident is to gain enough confidence and skills for a smooth transition back into society, and a successful reunification with family. To obtain this objective, Second Chances implements various internal and external resources. The program for each resident is based on the required screenings on admission. The results are used to tailor a specific plan to each individual. Second Chances will not be able to meet the needs of individuals who have been convicted or have a history of sexual predatory behavior, is allergic to dogs, or has severe intellectual deficit (eg: Down’s syndrome, developmental disability).
Second Chances incorporates TruThought which is an evidenced based program designed to restructure cognitive thinking patterns.

Studies have shown that involving dogs with boys in a correctional setting teaches; patience, understanding, unconditional love, compassion, kindness and enhances job skills. Our program allows boys to work with dogs from our local shelters and the two dogs we have in-house.  Boys who are progressing toward their case plan goals will be encouraged to participate if time within their schedule allows.  Second Chances will foster dogs that are less likely to be adopted, in an attempt to reduce the number of dogs that are euthanized.  The residents will at no time be left alone with the dogs to ensure safety and to make sure compassion and kindness is shown toward the dog (our dog rescue center portion of the program will be completed by the summer of 2022).
Second Chances utilizes the public education system outside of the facility. We are able to meet the needs of boys who require Level IV education (ALC, EBT), In addition to, GED program. Second Chances also has a tutor available to address any educational assistance our residents need.
Opportunities in our small rural community will mostly come from the city of Fairmont and our local farmers. By utilizing local business and farms our residents will have opportunity for employment if this is an identified goal. In addition, out-patient treatment services for substance abuse, psychologist, psychiatrist, medical, and dental services will be obtained. We have opportunities for indoor and outdoor events in the summer thru our community education resource department, in addition to, the camping trips and other activities Second Chances schedules.
Our facility will not have any restrictive procedures but instead will use a time out period for any incidences that escalate to an inappropriate level between residents and/or staff. Any resident who has had a conflict will be separated in a public area at which time they will be supervised and counseled resulting in a calming environment so that the situation can be addressed in a positive manner.
Culturally appropriate individuals are available to the residents and it is the job of the Program Director to locate. Necessary background checks are conducted before any outside volunteers are given private access to the residents of Second Chances. Options of telephone conference and the use of Skype will be available with resources thru
Utilizing the house parent model, Second Chances is staffed by a husband/wife team.  Brenda a Licensed Social Worker/Corrections minor is the Program Director.  Gene is the Direct Care Supervisor, and one part time employee as necessary. While living at the group home they orchestrate the day to day activities for up to six boys.  If needed, Second Chances will hire a in house tutor to assist with any homework a youth may have. He/She will have a bachelor’s degree in Education and passed the Minnesota license examination.

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Admission Criteria

Second Chances accepts male residents aged 12-18 within the state of Minnesota, court ordered thru the Dept. of Corrections or Human Services.  We also accept residents for 72 hour holds.  We assist boys with issues such as: Oppositional Defiant Disorder, substance abuse, Conduct Disorder, disciplinary problems, Learning Difficulties (eg: adhd), theft,  victims of abuse (this is not an all inclusive list)

Second Chances will not be able to meet the needs of boys who have been convicted or have a history of sexual predatory behavior, are allergic to dogs, or has severe intellectual deficit.

Ability to Meet Residents Needs

Before admission of a resident, Second Chances will examine the placement agency’s information about the resident and will determine and document whether the program can meet the resident’s needs as stated in the statement of intended use.  In addition, the resident will be assessed taking into consideration the other residents who are at the facility.

Prior to Second Chances accepting any admission the referral form will be reviewed closely to make sure all requirements can be met. On occasion a call to the referring agency may be necessary to get additional information.  If Second Chances is able to meet the residents needs and admission takes place the resident will be monitored closely until all assessments are completed paying close attention to the mannerism of each boy and changes in the environment.

Runaway Watch:  If a resident is threatening or showing signs of elopement 24 hour supervision will be initiated.  The process will cease when resident has discussed the situation that triggered runaway status.

Suicide Watch:  In the event a resident is verbally threatening suicide or non-verbal indicators are being exhibited, the resident will be transferred to a medical facility that can accommodate 24 hour supervision. If indicators present prior to admission, Second Chances will not be able to meet the needs of the youth until threat of suicide has been resolved.

If a resident needs chemical abuse treatment an assessment will be completed by a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and recommendations that result from the test will be implemented via the resident’s case plan or referred to a in-patient treatment setting if needs outweigh the capability of Second Chances.



State of Minnesota

County of _________________________

Child’s name: _______________________D.O.B. _________

Parent’s Name: _______________________________   Phone # _____________

Address: ____________________City: ______________ State: ____  Zip:_______

Pursuant to MS 260C, ____________________________________________________________, a member of the _________________________________________________________________, hereby places an “EMERGENCY PROTECTIVE HOLD” on the above child.

This course of action is deemed necessary for the following reasons:

(strike inappropriate lines)

  1. When a child has run away from a parent, guardian, or custodian, or when the peace officer reasonably believes the child has run away from a parent, guardian or custodian,
  2. When a child is found in surroundings or conditions which endanger the child’s health or welfare or which such peace officer reasonably believes will endanger the child’s health or welfare.
  3. By a peace officer or probation or parole officer when it is reasonably believed that the child has violated the terms of probation, parole or other field supervision.
  4. The child would endanger others.
  5. The child would not appear for court.

The facts upon which I based the conclusion that the protective hold is necessary are:


It should be known that custody of the child was turned over to Second Chances Group Home and held on the _________________ day of ________________, 20____________at _________________o’clock.

I advised the child and the child’s parent (s),

_________________________________________________________________residing at _______________________________________________________________of the following:

__________why the child was placed on a hold

__________the location of the facility

__________the child may be placed with a relative rather than a shelter care facility

__________that the parents and an attorney may make an initial visit to Second Chances at any time and subsequent visits on a reasonable basis during visiting hours.

__________that the child may telephone his parents and an attorney from Second Chances immediately after being admitted and thereafter on a reasonable basis

_________that the child may not be held at Second Chances no longer than 72 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) unless a hearing is held and the court orders continued placement for program completion at Second Chances

_________that the child and the child’s parents are entitles to be present at the hearing and be represented by an attorney

Date: _________                         __________________________________

Second Chances Signature/Title

Date: _________                          __________________________________                                                                                     Officer Signature/Title

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