Information for Families


Second Chances is located at: 209 N. Main St., Granada, MN.

(from I-90 west to east take county rd. 53 exit; take left, and drive 1 mile to Granada.  Once in town, drive over RR tracks and we are 2nd house on left)

(from I-90 east to west take county rd. 53 exit; take right and drive 1 mile to Granada.  Once in town, drive over RR tracks and we are 2nd house on left)

 We can be reached by calling 507-236-7331 (Brenda) or 507-327-1980 (Gene)

 Brief Description of Program

Utilizing the house parent model, Second Chances is staffed by a husband/wife team.  Brenda a Licensed Social Worker will act as the Program Director, Gene acting as the Direct Care Supervisor, and one part time employee as necessary. While living at the group home they will orchestrate the day to day activities for up to six boys.

Upon admission, an individualized case plan will be developed that will outline specific goals and a direct plan of action will be implemented for goal attainment. This plan will be based on input from Probation Officers, Social Workers, family and the following screenings that will be administered upon admission relating to Health, Education, Vulnerability, Sexual Abuse Behavior, Mental Health, Chemical Abuse, Cultural, Gender Specific and family/representative behavior assessment.

Second Chances will be incorporating TruThought, an evidenced based program designed to restructure cognitive thinking patterns.

We believe placing boys in social setting to teach them how to interact appropriately is very important. To that end, all of the boys will attend public school.  We will also be utilizing public resources for our substance abuse treatment, physical, psychological, and psychiatric needs

The main goal of each resident will be to gain enough knowledge and skills for a smooth transition back into society, and a successful reunification with family.


Gene and I were both troubled youths and feel we can relate to the troubles and tribulations of today’s teenagers. We were both in out-of-home placements and believe we bring a unique perspective in developing this program.


Residents will be allowed to visit and talk with only those individuals who were identified on the approved list upon admission. Second Chances visiting hours will be Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 pm.

Special arrangements will be made for families who are unable to visit during regular visiting hours if it does not impede on residents’ education, treatment, or responsibilities that is expected while at Second Chances.  Families who visit outside regular visiting hours will be expected to participate in the daily routine. The impact of each family visit will be documented in the residents chart.  If a family conflict occurs during visitation an informal mediation with resident, family, and Second Chances staff member will occur to address the situation.

Supervision of Visiting Youth

Residents and Second Chances staff will have visitors under the age of 18 visiting.  Below are the specific expectations to be followed.

  • All visiting youth will be directly supervised by adult at all times.
  • No children will be allowed in resident bedrooms
  • No resident will be permitted to rough house with visiting youth. (see appropriate guidelines in resident handbook).
  • Residents are not allowed to attend to cares (diaper change, feeding etc.) of visiting youth.

While on a home visit, each resident is expected to follow the pre-arranged rules and expectations set up by Second Chances program director and family resident is staying with.  Each resident is expected to abide by all state laws.

In addition, when a resident is on a home visit the results of that visit will be documented upon return.  Residents will also have their property inspected upon return of a home visit to make sure no contraband was brought back into the facility.  If restricted items are found they will either be sent home or put in a safe location. Disciplinary procedures will then be implemented based on the severity level.

 Allowed and Prohibited Items

The following dress code and appearance is required for each resident while at Second Chances

  • Residents are not allowed to wear shirts with inappropriate propaganda written on them (eg: violent, sexual, gang related or alcohol/drug promotion)
  • Residents are to wear shirts that completely cover their upper torso
  • Pants will be worn at mid-waist and underwear will not be visible
  • Clothes will not be torn or have holes. These items will either be mended or sent home

Items not allowed

Tobacco, alcohol or lighters, aerosol products, firearms, knives, tools, medications, tv, inappropriate clothing, laundry soap