Second Chances Drivers Training Car

Second Chances would like to thank everyone who donated to our fundraiser. We received a total of $3640.00

We are currently getting the necessary repairs completed. New tires, alignment, muffler, shocks/struts and the vehicle should be on the road by the end of next week.

Many hours of work. Thanks to Rusty and Larry for their time

Second Chances thanks you in advance for any donations.

Our next project is to remove the dilapidated part of the building located at 208 Main St.

Remove garage and blue roof part of building

This building with exception of addition on the back is structurally unstable.  The cost to demolish and have all the debris moved is $16,000.00 and the estimated cost to build a new garage is $10,000.00 as we will do all the labor with exception of cement floor.  We hope to begin this project in the next 45 days.

Thanks to the following donors:

Rebecca Hermel: $25.00                                                                             Valero Foundation:  $4500.00

Allen Struck:  $100.00                                                                                  Martin County Area Foundation:  $3500.00

John and Connie Peterson:  $50.00                                                              The Rosen Family Foundation:  $5000.00

Carl & Verna Schmidt Foundation:  $6000.00

The tax deductible donation can be handled in three different formats:  and search Second Chances, Granada MN under the find a cause

The second option is to send a check to:  Second Chances; PO Box 53; Granada, MN  56039 and I will send you a donation letter so you can claim the amount on your taxes.

The third option is Venmo to BrendaDuncan10

SECOND CHANCES WISHES TO THANK THE FOLLOWING DONORS:  Our program would not have succeeded without you!!


Eagles Club: St. James $1000.00 (for camping supplies/equipment)


Mark Redenius  $100.00 (website cost)
Shalom Counseling $500.00
Carl & Verna Schmidt Foundation $5000.00
Robert Duncan $ 100.00
Valero (air conditioning unit) $5000.00


Mark Redenius  $100.00 (website cost)
Wells Foundation $3000.00
St. Martin’s Soup Luncheon $400.00
William Johnson $100.00
Peterson/Anthony Ins. $575.00
Desk: 200; file cabinet: 150; cabinet: 75; 4 chairs: 150; microwave:100
St. Martins (blessing/animals $235.88
Go Fund Me $321.15
Craig Kobliska $500.00
Brent and Mona Kueker $1000.00
Gilsrud Drywall $675.00 (labor donation)
Reichel Insulation $2000.00 (labor/materials)
Boekett Building $2191.49 (materials)
Rusty Allison $315.23 (cash/items purchased)
2015 donations under $100 total $85.00

Chuck Johnson $100.00
St. Martins Soup Luncheon $430.00
Petersons $ 200.00
St. Martin’s Supper $ 149.00
Eagles Grant $2387.54
Carl/Verna Schmidt Found. $10,000.00
Shalom Counseling $ 500.00
Damian Phillips $ 500.00
Martin County Area Grant $2869.15
Go Fund Me Dispersement $ 433.33
Verizon Foundation $ 750.00
2014 Donations under $100 total $270.00


Allen and Karen Struck for their $100 donation to our renovation project

A special thanks to John and Connie Peterson for their $50.00 donation to our demolition project.