About Us And Our Program

Set among the small, quaint town of Granada Minnesota, Second Chances is a House-Parent model facility. Aiming for both long-term and short-term impact, Second chances believes that there is no such thing as a set method for reaching the mind of youth. While other programs believe that consistency and rigid adherence to a schedule helps foster growth and clears the mind; Second Chances believes that flexibility and continual adjustments are key to helping a youth find their own way.

Second Chances adheres to the thought that raising self esteem and self image are extremely important. They aim to achieve this in a multitude of ways- including supporting them through both, financial, emotional; and intellectual means. They attempt to guide youth, but know that in the end, the decision is ultimately theirs to make.

They offer the ability to enter the community in a multitude of ways. Outings to the Fairmont city pool, opportunities to relax with friends off site, trips to the movie theater, and camping, are commonplace.


Utilizing the house parent model, Second Chances is staffed by a husband/wife team.  Brenda a Licensed Social Worker will act as the Program Director, Gene acting as the Direct Care Supervisor, and one part time employee as necessary. While living at the group home they orchestrate the day to day activities for up to six boys.

Upon admission, an individualized case plan is developed that outlines specific goals and a direct plan of action for goal attainment. This plan is based on input from Probation Officers, Social Workers, family resident and screenings administered upon admission relating to: Health, Education, Vulnerability, Sexual Abuse Behavior, Mental Health, Chemical Abuse, Cultural, Gender Specific and family/representative behavior assessment.

Second Chances incorporates TruThought, which is an evidenced based program designed to restructure cognitive thinking patterns.


The main goal of each resident is to gain enough confidence and skills for a smooth transition back into society, and a successful reunification with family.


By placing boys in social settings allows them to learn how to interact appropriately. Therefore, we utilize public resources for our services.
• Mayo Clinic-Fairmont for medical
• Euonia Family Resource Center for psychological, and psychiatric needs
• ART: Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment, and Fountain Centers
• GHEC, Arise Academy (ALC/EBT), Fairmont – educational

*yard games              *bike riding                *disc golf
*Wii games                *basketball                 *camping
*swimming                *fishing                       *tubing
*car races                    *fairs                            *hiking
*bowling                     *Foosball                      *exercising
*football                     *community organized activities


Studies have shown that involving dogs with boys in a correctional setting teaches; patience, understanding, unconditional love, compassion, kindness and enhances job skills. Boys who are progressing toward their case plan goals are encourage to participate if time within their schedule allows.  Our program allows boys to work with dogs from our local shelters in addition to the two dogs we have at Second Chances.  We will have our own dog rescue center by the end of Summer 2022.

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